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M20Zero is a technological and digital transformation startup, subsidiary of the decade-old social enterprise, Mission20. M20Z is poised to provide specialized and complete digital transformation to various types of enterprises and businesses, enabling the clients to carve out easier and impactful route to total management efficiency, accountability, productivity and eventual success.


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Brand Story

M20Zero being a subsidiary of a youth social enterprise has core values of social responsibility at every step. Spending more than a decade as teens initiating and implementing various projects which exposed us to many cutting-edge technologies and systems has led us towards the inception of a startup which is instrumental at innovation in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) field. Being active in the startup space physically and digitally we have identified a vacuum in certain types of services & their quality for businesses, primarily SME. Co-founded by Amanat Solanki, Founder of Mission20 & Aadhil P M, IT Officer of Mission20 Foundation who has been volunteering in the non-profit initiatives since 2011 at the of 16 in digitalizing its processes. The conceptualizing of an IT solutions startup had been long thought as a part of Mission20’s Vision2027 plan which was released in 2017, forming an IT company was the dream of Amanat, a Business Management graduate, which he discussed with like-minded friends of his, it came to being after Aadhil had successfully completed his academics as the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), the co-founders passionately share same vision in the field of ICT & digital transformation with a larger positive impact on humanity.

Amanat Solanki is a social entrepreneur who founded Mission20 as a nonprofit youth organization for social responsibility at the age of 14 in 2007 & in 2017 transforming it to social enterprise with non-profit & for-profit divisions & subsidiaries. Since 2017, Mission20 has successfully diversified in various sectors in an enterprise level.

Aadhil’s journey at Mission20 since 2011 has been full of exploring, identifying & learning ICT to its most practical form along with working on various profit & non-profit projects since the tender age. This journey was instrumental in his higher educational pursuits, he now is a successful Computer Science Engineer, being the Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer of M20Zero, he also plays significant roles in the teams of various projects based in the United States.

Brand Identity

M20 is the acronym of Mission20, the parent entity. Zero is one of the two important digit of the binary code in computing & in English language Zero/Zeroed is also a synonym of precise, focus, to the point & a clear vision, denoting clear vision in execution of projects for the valued clients. We also perceive Zero as one of the most valued digit, against the notion ‘Zero is valueless’, considering each client as the valuable partner in ethically digitalizing their dreams. The couch pillow in the logo denotes the state of comfort & relaxation after digitally transforming any company’s processes & achieving total efficiency & accountability, as the tagline suggests, ‘Live in the digital age’.


MISSION20=M20 + ZERO/0 +Mission20 Logo + Live in the digital age + Couch Pillow = M20Zero

Parent Entity   +     Value    +  Parent Entity Logo      +  Digitalization  +       Comfort  = M20Zero

Subsidiaries & Initiatives